I know the best way for someone to succeed is to have a great paying job. 

As an entrepreneur I have helped create jobs all over Maine.  We will help build Maine’s economy now and for years to come.  

We need better paying jobs and to embrace new opportunities.  

Under Governor LePage Maine has achieved some success. We have hit the lowest unemployment rate since World War II and Maine has improved in our business ratings.  

However, we can’t look back, we must keep growing.

We simply cannot allow Augusta and our state government to fall back into a system of job killing red-tape and an attitude which tells job creators “no,” rather than offering our men and women entrepreneurs a helping hand. 

We need sensible regulations which protect Maine and its citizens without smothering our job creating potential. Give businesses what they need and get Government out of their way. 

We need a state government which is responsive to the needs of our small businesses and job creators, not one which hinders our economic growth.

As our next Governor I will help Maine people succeed by supporting good paying jobs and a strong economy.


We can’t mortgage our children and grandchildren’s future.
You know some Augusta politicians just want to keep borrowing, spending with no real long term plans, and with just the hope that it will work out.  If I ran my business like that we would have been bankrupt a long time ago. 

Our rainy day savings fund is there to protect our State for the long term.  Unfortunately some irresponsible politicians think that it’s raining every day. 

Others believe we can continue to just keep raising taxes on the Maine people or our job creators and there will be no repercussions for our economy and state. 

That kind of thinking has to stop. 

We need to be smart about our finances.  We must be smart and prudent.  

We can spend when there is a plan and when the People of Maine are assured that they are getting a dollars return for every dollar spent.
I will always have an eye on the bottom line. I know the value of a dollar starting off without any and I also know the value of People who work hard to earn their dollars. 

As someone whose Mom struggled with trying to raise three children as a self employed beautician, we dealt with economic difficulties growing up.  I know we need a government which offers people a helping hand, not a lifetime of dependency.  I will continue to support common sense, conservative welfare reforms. We will move from entitlements to incentives.

I will root-out waste, fraud, or abuse of taxpayer dollars.  I will be sure we have common-sense conservative leadership when it comes to our budget.


We donated a van we fixed up in 1994 to the Gorham Police Department in a joint effort to launch the D.A.R.E program.

My business has partnered with local law enforcement in drug take-back efforts to help in the fight of opioid abuse.

That is the same type of action I will take as your Governor.

I will work with our law enforcement community to support their efforts to keep Maine people safe from crime and to fight the opioid abuse problem which has affected so many communities and families. We will support peer to peer recovery efforts that has worked so well with organizations like AA. 

We can’t turn a blind eye to this  and hope that it goes away.

As our next Governor I will take an active role in working with our law enforcement officials.


Maine has a long, proud outdoor heritage with hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, skiing, snowmobiling and many other activities.

I have spent my lifetime enjoying most of them. We have turned our back on the blue collar recreation activities like snowmobiling, motorcycles, motorsports, ATV. We will promote these and re-vitalize especially our recreational economy across Western, Northern and Downeast Maine.

As our next Governor I will work to protect our ability to enjoy Maine’s great outdoors.

I will always support our Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights.  Maine has a long history of responsible firearms ownership.

It is important to note that not only does the federal Constitution guarantee rights under the 2nd Amendment but our own Maine State Constitution separately guarantees these rights as well:

Section 16: To keep and bear arms. Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.

As our next Governor I look forward to taking the oath of office and to defending the Maine Constitution, including Section 16.


Our Veterans have sacrificed for our freedoms. I will never forget it.

Maine’s state government provides many services to our Veterans.  It is important those services are supported and we keep a watchful eye on making sure our Veterans receive the care and support they need from our State. 

As your next Governor I will ensure our State provides the support needed to show our gratitude to the men and women who wore a uniform in service to our nation.


Governor LePage took a bold step in making me the first person in Maine history be named to both the Community College Board and the University of Maine System Board of Trustees at the same time. 
It has been a tremendous amount of work – of volunteer work – but truly rewarding.  I have traveled all over Maine, to every corner, as I have visited our University campuses and our Community College facilities.

We need to tap the potential of every Maine person to help Maine, our state, be even more successful.  That includes our recent graduates. 
We need to work hard to keep those great young people being educated here in Maine – in Maine, long after they graduate.  

We want their ideas, their talents, and we want them to stay here to raise their families.

As our next Governor I will work with our job creators to ensure we match the talents and skills of our students for the jobs of tomorrow. 


Family is critical to Shawn and to strong communities in Maine.  

I have been married to my wife Chrissi for thirty years and we have four young adults, Danielle, Jim, Ben and Nate, as well as two granddaughters Amelia and Jacquelin.  My wife and I have lived in the same home in Gorham for over 30 years.

I believe we should support families throughout state government including in policies which help families who need a hand-up, not just a hand out, from our support services.  

Our faith based organizations support our communities throughout Maine with services for families in need.  As an active supporter of volunteer organizations, I recognize the important role our churches and faith based organizations play in our State.  We should encourage our fellow citizens to support their local efforts. 

Roe Vs Wade is current law.  However, some wish to take government a step further in providing state taxpayer funding of abortion services.  I will oppose that move to ensure your hard earned tax dollars are not spent on abortion services.   I also oppose late-term abortion.  I support mandatory waiting periods and consent requirements for minors and those who are incapacitated. 

I know that strong families play a critical role in Maine’s success. They are important to our communities and the next generation. As your next Governor I look forward to showing support for Maine families working to succeed. 


High health care costs affect our families, our senior citizens, and our small business job creators.  We need to look for solutions.

Senior Citizens face co-pays.  Families have high deductibles with insurance coverage.  Our job creators struggle to provide benefits for their employees they want to support.

As our next Governor I will look at Maine’s past reform efforts, like Maine Public Law 90 which was superseded by Obamacare, and other solutions as we work to lower health care costs.

Unfortunately Washington is playing a heavy role in the health care of Mainers.  A heavy hand from the national government makes it harder to use in-state tailored solutions.  However, I am committed to working toward solutions to this crisis.