BREAKING: New York Times prints false allegations against Moody which have existed in public file since 2006

· Out-of-State paper seeks to harm Moody’s reputation close to election day

· In video Moody co-workers come to his defense

· Moody’s has regularly won one of “Maine’s Best Places to Work” from outside ratings organization with high ratings from women and men who work for the company

GORHAM – Now that the race for Governor is in October and the election is just weeks away, the New York Times is seeking to interject itself into Maine’s race for Governor by publishing an piece seeking to attack the reputation of Shawn Moody.

The false allegations against Moody have existed in a public file since 2006, prior to Moody’s first race for Governor. Despite thorough research into Moody’s background and a full examination by the Maine media for many years, the New York Times is now seeking to discredit him. Democratic Party operatives and allies have sought to spread the story for months knowing Moody was, and is, in a strong position to win.

“Let me just say this, and in the strongest way possible, I have always treated every co-worker employee with dignity and respect, always,” said entrepreneur Shawn Moody. “It is just outrageous to even suggest my business does not have opportunities for women.”

In relation to the false allegation attack, several women at Moody’s have joined in defending Shawn Moody and the company. The interview videos contain several short clips where they outline their personal feelings and experiences.

Debbie Gale who has worked with Moody for twenty years, including during the time the fired employee was at Moody’s, talks of the false allegations and how women have always been treated the company. She states, “It’s crazy, it’s not who Shawn is as a person.” Adding, “It’s ridiculous. It’s not true.” “Women are respected here, men are respected here. If someone is no longer here it is because they have not done their job,” said Gale in some of the many statements contained in the video.

Moody’s coworker Carrie White, a mother of three and multi-year Moody’s coworker, discusses her own experiences and thoughts on the allegation. Single mother Tameka Dexter also notes Shawn’s approach at the company and opportunities for women at the company. HD VIDEOS CAN BE VIEWED AND DOWNLOADED HERE:

The false allegations were made by a former coworker let go by Moody’s back in 2006, twelve years ago. The former coworker, who hired an attorney and took financial gain, falsely alleged that Mr. Moody and the company fired her due to motherhood; despite the fact that Moody’s employed other women, continues to employ women at a higher rate than the industry average, and that the majority of Moody’s women coworkers have children. Several women have given birth during their employment as a co-worker at the company and others are pregnant now.

At the time Moody’s company insurance carrier stepped in under the insurance agreement to pay the legal bills surrounding the case and to deal with the attorneys. On their recommendation Moody’s settled the case, as noted in public documents at the Maine Human Rights Commission, in an effort to reduce legal fees from a long fight and move on from the former, terminated, coworker. In 40+ of business, it was and is the only time a fired coworker issued an allegation.

Moody’s has a process where several people within the company are involved in both the hiring and firing process.

A few facts:

In the Moody’s 2018 Best Places to Work award process, staff surveys sent to Moody’s following the outside ratings review, indicated women employees gave Moody’s a 96% satisfaction rate.

As part of Moody’s company health plan coverage for co-workers preventative care includes: childhood immunizations and breast, cervical or colorectal cancer screenings.

In the year 2017 (through December 31), women at Moody’s had a median wage of $51,805 while the national average is $39,988 –


According to a demographic report from Deloitte, MIT Media Lab and partners; people holding technical degrees and choosing to work in Moody’s industry nationally are 92.9% male. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, in a larger similar category, reports nationally 9.6% as the percentage of women working in this given field, meaning men make up over 90% of workers nationally. Moody’s currently employs more women at their business than the national average. Women work in all facets of the business, including as a technicians on the shop floors.

Currently twenty five women work at Moody’s, with six in leadership positions. Eighteen of these women have children and family responsibilities. Four of these women were pregnant and gave birth while employed by Moody’s or are pregnant today.

“It is truly sad that the New York Times would seek to paint this picture, with a fired coworker and her family, and try to harm Shawn Moody and his business just because he chose to run for Governor,” said Lauren LePage, Campaign Manager for Moody.

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Moody crushes Republican field in race for governor


Businessman Shawn Moody emerged victorious in a four-way Republican primary field for governor Tuesday. The Bangor Daily News and Decision Desk HQ called the race for Moody at approximately 12:30 a.m., determining from unofficial results that he would garner more than 50 percent of votes cast in the primary.

Moody, 58, of Gorham easily outpaced the rest of the field with roughly 55 percent of the vote, according to unofficial returns, which is enough to avoid a ranked-choice vote tally in the election. He ran away from Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason of Lisbon, former Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew of China and House Minority Leader Ken Fredette of Newport...


Nomination won, Moody plans to cement party support as Republicans gear up for November election


Shawn Moody says he plans to move quickly to build support in the Republican Party that he joined eight months ago and reach out to lawmakers who supported others in the four-way gubernatorial primary that he dominated Tuesday.

“I think Republicans know exactly who I am,” Moody said in an interview Wednesday. “Obviously economic issues are something I’ve dealt with in my 40 years of executive experience. And as far as political experience, government experience, like most people out there we are experiencing government from the top down – we live it every day..."


Maine governor candidates split on economy, pot, ranked voting


AUGUSTA, Maine -- Gubernatorial candidates say it’s time to focus on lingering economic challenges facing rural communities following Republican Gov. Paul LePage’s eight years steadying Maine’s finances.

The Associated Press polled the state’s Republican, Democratic, independent and third-party registered candidates ahead of the June primary. Candidates largely agreed the fiscally conservative governor improved the state’s financial situation, but disagreed on how best to address the state’s aging and shrinking workforce...


Poll: Moody, Mills are front-runners in Maine’s unsettled June primaries


AUGUSTA, Maine — Republican Shawn Moody and Democrat Janet Mills are clear front-runners in Maine’s June gubernatorial primaries, while a Democratic 2nd Congressional District primary is effectively tied in the first public ranked-choice poll of Maine’s 2018 primaries.

The poll of nearly 2,200 Mainers shows highly unsettled primaries: In the 2nd District, 31 percent of likely Democratic voters didn’t know who their first choices would be and 24 percent of likely Democratic voters and 22 percent of likely Republican voters were undecided on who their nominees should be to replace to term-limited Gov. Paul LePage...


Cote, Sweet lead Democrats in fundraising for governor’s race; Moody, Mason lead Republicans


Democrat Adam Cote and Republican Shawn Moody, both vying to earn their parties’ nomination for governor, have built strong fundraising leads with about a month to go before the June primary.

Cote, an attorney, businessman and veteran from Springvale, raised more than $278,000 between Jan. 1 and April 24 – the most recent campaign finance reporting period – and had $466,000 in the bank...


Click the orange play button below to hear Shawn on The Derek Volk Show, 12/23/2017

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Gorham Businessman Shawn Moody Announces Run For Governor

Maine Public, 11/22/2017

Gorham businessman Shawn Moody launched his second run for governor Tuesday, this time as a Republican.

Moody hit topics familiar to conservative audiences, including welfare, supporting veterans and a business approach to government.  Mainers are tired of just getting by," he said. "It's time to get ahead."

Moody, who finished fourth out of five candidates as an independent seven years ago, has enlisted several political advisors to Gov. Paul LePage to bolster his run...


Shawn Moody announces bid for governor, this time as a Republican


Portland Press Herald, 11/21/2017

Shawn Moody, a plainspoken auto body entrepreneur who recently joined the Republican Party, announced his campaign to be Maine’s next governor Tuesday, saying Mainers were tired of simply getting by.

Speaking to a crowd of 100 at his business headquarters in Gorham, Moody made reference to his childhood, being raised by a single mother of three and growing up living in a mobile home. He said as a 13-year-old, he heard his mother, who worked as a beautician to support her family, crying herself to sleep one night.


Shawn Moody launches campaign for governor

WMTW-8, 11/21/2017

Business owner Shawn Moody announced Tuesday that he is joining the crowded race for Maine governor.

Moody is running as a Republican after joining the party last month.

He ran for governor as an independent in 2010...


Moody announces GOP gubernatorial bid run by LePage insiders

Bangor Daily News, 11/21/2017

Businessman Shawn Moody announced his bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2018 on Tuesday, pitching himself as a political outsider and “common-sense conservative” with the experience to lead.

The 58-year-old founder of Moody’s Collision Center, a Maine chain of auto repair shops, filed registration paperwork as a privately financed candidate with the Maine Ethics Commission on Tuesday morning and formally launched his bid at the company’s Gorham headquarters...


Moody says he wants to help Mainers 'get ahead'

WCSH-6, 11/21/2017

One more high profile candidate has joined the race for Maine governor.

Shawn Moody, who owns a chain of auto body shops in southern and central Maine, and who ran as an independent for governor in 2010, officially entered the race Tuesday.

"[Mainers] are tired of getting by, its time for Maine to get ahead," Moody told a crowd of more than 100 supporters at his business headquarters in Gorham...


Shawn Moody announces run for governor

WGME-13, 11/21/2017

The field of candidates in the race for governor is growing.
Tuesday, Shawn Moody became the 21st candidate to run for governor.
Moody is the founder and owner of the Moody Collision Centers in Maine.
In 2010, Moody ran for governor as an Independent.
This time, he is running on the Republican ticket...


Shawn Moody enlists former LePage staffers for expected run for governor

Portland Press Herald, 11/16/2917

Body shop entrepreneur Shawn Moody, a former independent who joined the Republican Party in October, has assembled a team of former members of Gov. Paul LePage’s staff for his anticipated run for governor in 2018.

Moody, of Gorham, is expected to announce his candidacy Tuesday. He said previously that he would disclose his intentions by Thanksgiving...


LePage’s daughter, top political adviser to work for Shawn Moody in 2018

Bangor Daily News, 11/16/2017

Key cogs in Gov. Paul LePage’s network — including his top political adviser and his daughter — will work for businessman Shawn Moody’s 2018 gubernatorial campaign, which could give the new Republican quick credibility on the right.

Republican strategist Brent Littlefield and Lauren LePage, a lawyer and the governor’s daughter, will work for the campaign, according to a Thursday release teasing a Tuesday announcement of an event at the Gorham headquarters of Moody’s Collision Centers...


Shawn Moody joins Maine Republican Party, weighs run for governor

Portland Press Herald, 10/11/2017

Shawn Moody of Gorham, a former independent candidate for governor, is joining the Maine Republican Party, a move he admits could open the door for his second gubernatorial campaign in the past seven years.

The 57-year-old Moody confirmed during a telephone interview that he joined the Republican Party on Tuesday, but he cautioned that does not necessarily mean he has decided to run for governor in 2018...